Latitude 7389 2-in-1 is dead

You want to fix won`t start up, won`t boot up laptop and you don`t know from here to start?

Latitude 7389 2-in-1 Then we can help you with that.

Solution 1. (from easy to hard)

Remove the laptop battery, plug the power cord and try to start laptop. Not starting? Then remove the power cord, insert battery and turn the laptop on.

Latitude 7389 2-in-1 This first solution not working ?

Solution 2.

Test power adapter to see if the battery can be charged (see here guide)

Now, if the power adapter have more than 18 volts, is not broken and you need another test.

Solution 3.

You need to remove:

Latitude 7389 2-in-1 Hard Disk (HDD) and RAM (ram module)

How to do that? Get a screwdriver and is the only tool that you need.

Picture 1, remove the HDD and try to start the laptop without HDD.

If is not working, next remove RAM


Latitude 7389 2-in-1

How to remove RAM Module for Latitude 7389 2-in-1

Latitude 7389 2-in-1

Now, try to boot laptop without RAM and HDD

If the laptop display will show you something, keep the power button until laptop will shut down automaticaly, insert hdd and ram back and start it normaly.

Also do that if you hear a bip sound.

Solution 4.

If the led`s working and also you hear the fan or hdd noise, you can connect a TV or Monitor through VGA (blue port) or throug HDMI.

If is working fine on TV or Monitor, you need to change laptop display.

For won`t wake up issue, you need to re-install display graphics driver from here.


If none of these solutions not work, then you have hardware problems like:

Power source is damaged

Motherboard is broken

Both can be changed, but the motherboard is not cheap!!

See more guides

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