Myria Bluetooth Earset MY9031 review and fixes

I recently bought a cheap bluetooth earset / headset called Myria Bluetooth Earset MY9031BK.

The reason why i bought these?

The earset is looking very nice from exterior and have some cool features too.

1. Auto power off after 10 minutes of no connection

2. 4 hours of talking time

3. Nice blinking led

4. Very cheap!!

About the product:

The sound is clear and auditible enough.

The distance of 10 meters or 32 ft is good.

Troubleshooting / Fixes

1. The most anoying is with bluetooth connection if you cancel paired connection

But you can fix this very easy.

1a. Turn off your Myria Bluetooth Earset MY9031

2a. Now press and keep main button until the led color will be red/orange with blue

The color will blink one time blue and one time orange / red

3a. Now scan for bluetooth devices from your phone and you will be find it again.

This was useful? Tell us in comments please.

Second issue for some smartphone

Your Myria Bluetooth Earset MY9031 is not working when someone call you or when you want to make a call?

The music is working but NOT working on calls?

This can be fixed also very easy by touch the settings icon and activate both lines for contacts and for other sounds.

For Huawei smartphones:

Go to Settings -> bluetooth

There you need to look for MY9031BK and touch the exclamation mark

Now touch and activate all 3 settings (Audio componets, Media and Acces to phonebook)

Tell us if worked for you.

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By Ady Moisescu

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