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If you have problems with your laptop or PC, or maybe you want to improve performance by installing new updated drivers, we recommend to backup all old drivers before doing anything with this great free backup tool for Windows 10 but also is working for all windows versions.

Why is that?

In this way, you can save a lot of time and nervers! New driver can have more issues if is not properly installed or maybe your antivirus can block some viral files.

Sometimes, you can have Hard Disk bad sectors (hdd) and new driver can have catastrofal / dezastruos fails.

So, better be prepared! You have nothing to lose because what we recommend, is a free tool.

Anyway, is only for Personal USE!

How to install

1. Download and install 7zip (you can download it from here)

2. Go to folder where you have downloaded the software and then press and keep for 2 seconds then release it right mouse click on file

3. Now select 7-zip and Extract Here

How to use drivers backup Tool

1. Double click on DrvBK exe and then:

Start Backup and then follow instructions to backup all drivers

Note. To restore all drivers, just use Restore button from top menu

That was all, now you can install what driver you need!

Recommended action after installing new driver is to clean the operating system with this:

 Windows Cleaner 

Also you can see:

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Article created on January 12 2018 by Ady Moisescu

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