How to test laptop power adapter

You wondering how to test your laptop power adapter?

Well is not so hard to do that.

First, you need a multimeter (no matter if is cheap one) that can measure voltage and a paperclip

Then, straighten the paperclip, then wrap around the positive lid (red wire)

Note. You can test the paperclip if have continuity by selecting the sound sign from multimeter, and if your multimeter does not have sound test, select omega sign then touch both wires and if you hear sound (or if numbers change) then the connection is good and you can continue.

Now, insert the paperclip inside the jack (power adapter jack)

And the black wire to outside the jack (see picture 2)

Enough read, look at these pictures:

Here, you can see how i connected the paperclip to multimeter

Picture 1

And here you can see the reading and how is connected to multimeter

Picture 2

If the voltage is bigger that 18 volts, then your power adapter / charger is good

If you have no readings, then the power adapter is dead and you can buy OEM or universal power charger for laptops that have multiple connections.

Is better to go to your store with the original jack and see if is identical.

That`s it, now you know how to test the laptop power adapter.

Tips. Also you can test it with a 24 volts light bulb, 24 volts electric motor, or even with a 18 volts drill

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How to test laptop power adapter - Notebook charger test guide

By Ady Moisescu

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